"Pre production preparation" of garment factory

2021-12-19 83
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Expected launch date

eva1uate whether the production team is likely to delay the launch?

Will the number of production days be reduced?

Is the online production season in peak season or off season?


Estimated delivery date

How many days are actually available for production after deducting holidays?

What percentage of its production performance efficiency can be achieved?

Order quantity and whether to ship in batches

Is there any interruption in batch shipment? How much will the production performance be affected after the interruption?


OEM project

1. From cutting to packaging: use box or wall cabinet for shipment

2. Needing needle checking: whether the incoming inspection of raw materials has been carried out and delivered to the factory after passing needle checking

3. From cutting to sewing, and including quality feedback operation

4. Pure sewing operation: does it include lining gluing? Is the necessary puller provided for lining gluing?

5. Whether the goods need to be inspected and packaged by the third-party inspection center. Is it necessary to bear the transportation cost? How many days before shipment is expected?

6. Whether outsourcing is required: is the production equipment and supply capacity of the processing plant sufficient to meet the total production demand of the daily plant?

Do you need to bear the transportation costs of the origin and return?

Whether there are qualified samples with standards.

Whether the data of processing operation (processing temperature and processing time) are provided

7. Whether the measures for factory inspection and certification are applied


OEM cost

Is tax included?

Is it cash withdrawal?

Is it a monthly settlement item?

Or other conditions.

Which party shall bear the transportation cost of raw materials?

Where is the shipment destination? Is there a list of penalty clauses?

Whether there are penalties for late delivery

Whether there are re inspection penalties for final inspection of finished products


Style check

Check sample clothing, process manufacturing sheet and color card.

Standard quantity method of process sheet size specification.

Style and process descr1ption

Sample clothes check comments


Recognize style

Understand the customer's checking comments on the product from the sample

1. Whether these comments can be overcome in factory production

2. How to overcome it can be identified as a difficult process

Whether the shrinkage of the cloth needs to be checked and confirmed again

1. Whether 14 kinds of fabric shrinkage meters have been tested:

Rolling, pulling, cutting, ironing, washing, sagging

Embroidery, printing, hot drilling, sequins, stitching, folding

Sticking lining, high temperature

2. Whether there is production experience in the fabric factory of the style, and how to test and adapt to the pre production training

Whether pinholes caused by cloth operation cannot be eliminated

It is bound to effectively guide and reduce the rate of repair work

Whether the needle of fabric sewing machine has been selected and purchased before production

Six pre production tests and screening of round head machine needles

Whether the cloth edge will be broken when cutting

Cutting operation, spraying liquid, sewing cloth edge and fixing

How many difficult processes can be found from the style

1. Can the difficult process be operated by special machine?

Be sure to train in advance and record the time

Whether the special plane is insufficient to consider the leasing of the machine

2. Can the pulling barrel operation be used for difficult processes?

Whether to test the man hour in advance and attach sample descr1ption

Whether the customer provides the necessary specifications of the puller

3. Can props be used for difficult processes?

Whether to test the man hour in advance and attach sample descr1ption

Whether simple props can be independently developed and created

4. Can machine configuration be added for difficult processes?

Develop machine configuration to save man hours

5. Can difficult processes be explored to simplify operations?

Research and develop ahead of time and train time measurement to reduce working hours

6. Are difficult processes caused by auxiliary materials?

Explore measures to avoid bottleneck process

7. All difficult processes shall be handed over to template development

The only choice for the mixing process of straight materials and inclined materials

It can not only save working hours, but also improve output value and ensure quality

What is the ratio of A-level technology levels explored in the style?

1. Is it suitable for the number of people with A-level technology in the group

2. Shortcomings should be dealt with through pre natal training

Whether technical ability and experience are considered for process arrangement

1. Refer to historical data for pre production training and additional testing time

2. The concept of taking the seat according to the number seeks for the skilled workers who once produced

3. Salary design mechanism stabilizes employees' machinery income

Formulate measures to prevent personnel shortage

1. Operation of developing the production template of the family OEM mode

2. Advocate all-around mechanism screening and training

Establish a mechanism for equipment account to control production allocation

1. The maintenance concept is more important than the maintenance concept, so as to reduce the online standby

2. Teach basic machine maintenance knowledge to reduce maintenance rate

3. The needle pitch of fabric thickness depends on the adjustment of perfection

Arrange pre production parking spaces to reduce transportation man hours

Operation according to the principle of no backtracking

Single piece consumption Fabric defects Strictly control the loss of operation

1. Control and management of small materials at the initial stage of production to avoid downtime and material shortage

2. Issue materials and attach shortage materials to timely follow up the shortage of materials

Product Needle Inspection Operation Settings Implemented in Incoming Inspection

Avoid 100% re inspection of finished products

Set the process unit price in advance and discuss or adjust it regularly

Promotion of favorable performance of process unit price announced before production

Effective guidance can avoid product defects

Technical guidance identifies the main causes of defects

The quality plan finds the defects of the product at once

1. Check the products one by one according to the specified quality period

2. Implement the three-stage control mechanism of quality inspection, quality control and quality assurance

3. Tracking the implementation of the system of eliminating the three evils on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

The pre production sample production is operated according to the process sequence

Pay more attention to the process in case of difficulties during operation and measurement

Report on improving the function of antenatal meeting Listen to suggestions from all parties

1. Provide data and attached samples when difficult processes are solved

2. All parties support and cooperate for smooth and stable production