Fashion trend: Women's wear brands introduce men's wear, and men's wear design becomes neutral

2021-12-21 87
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In the past two years, more and more designers design fashion for men. Even if some fashion brands have not launched men's wear series, women's wear design has gradually become neutral, which is suitable for both men and women.

Celine launched the brand men's wear series for the first time at Paris Fashion Week in spring and summer 2019, which is naturally attributed to the new creative director Heidi Slimane. Slimane, who used to be a menswear designer of Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, always prefers to add thin and thin styles to menswear. This time, the menswear designed for Celine is no exception. In the series, there are many suit shirts, short leather jackets and thin trousers that fit the body. Even men's clothes, Slimane's men's clothes are also very neutral and suitable for women to wear. Women's sizes will also be provided when they are put on the shelves next year.

The Nepalese American designer Prabal Gurung also launched his own men's wear line of the same name at the New York Fashion Week in spring and summer 2019. Prabal Gurung was founded in 2009. Although it was a women's clothing brand at the beginning, the designer Gurung always wanted to design for men, just waiting for the right time.

"Now is a very good time. We are in an era when traditional social roles, gender and gender identity begin to subvert. More and more men want to express themselves in a more unique and innovative way, while our brand advocates diversity and inclusiveness. Therefore, we want to expand the brand series and design for men." Gurung wrote in an email.

Gurung said that there are elegant and well tailored clothes and street clothes in the men's wear market, but there are few brands that integrate the two. At the New York Fashion Week, Gurung's men's clothing design strives to integrate elegance and street, matching bright colors and bold patterns with exquisite tailoring, many of which are inspired by his hometown Nepal.

The Row, an American luxury fashion brand, is also a member of men's wear design. The brand was created in 2006 by the designer combination Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. The style of women's wear is very restrained, colors are used cautiously, and geometric design is integrated. In 2016, the brand launched a men's capsule series to listen to customers' opinions, and then combined with customer feedback to launch men's clothing series. The Row's men's wear is similar to the women's wear in that it is also a restrained, concise design with excellent details.

Tibi, an American fashion brand, introduced men's wear because there are many men in women's wear series, so the brand simply introduced men's wear line. This brand, founded by Amy Smilovic in 2010, has a simple and casual style, with both modern and feminine aesthetics. Smilovic found that many men are interested in this somewhat feminine style.

"Many men will wear our women's clothing series, and we were inspired by their clothing style," Smilovic told the Women's Wear Daily. "I often wear men's clothing myself. I am often confused because a shop wants to display men's and women's clothing separately. I think men's clothing and women's clothing should be put together."

At the New York Fashion Week in spring and summer 2019, when Tibi's men's and women's collections are displayed together, you really can't see the difference between them. The suit of a female model is not inconsistent with that of a male model. If a male model wears a pink trench coat, it will also look good. No wonder Smilovic said that he was working in a gender neutral environment.

Roopal Patel, fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue boutique department store, said that it is not surprising that women's designers are marching into men's clothing. "From the current cultural environment, it is a natural development for men's and women's clothing to play a synergistic role on the catwalk." Patel said.