The sun protection clothing market of nearly 100 billion yuan is gradually expanding!! The price once climbed

2022-10-14 67
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This summer, the continuous high temperature, walking outdoors in the bright sun, many people can not stand it. Recently, the reporter learned from some businesses that the sales of sunscreen clothing have been good recently, and the sales of many brand items have seen double-digit growth. Sunscreen clothing has been popular in China for several years. It was first popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts. Wearing sunscreen clothing outdoors, in addition to its sun protection function, can also hinder the invasion of mosquitoes to a certain extent, killing two birds with one stone. Since then, with the continuous improvement of people's skin protection awareness, the sun protection clothing market has gradually expanded, and more and more players are playing this track.

A netizen said on his microblog a few days ago that the price of a sunscreen coat is almost as high as that of a down jacket.

The net friend said that the thousand yuan sunscreen clothes came from Bosiden. The reporter searched the official website of the brand and found that Bosiden, who is mainly engaged in down jackets, has also entered the track of sunscreen clothes and launched many related products. In the official flagship store of Bosiden, the retail price of the most expensive sunscreen clothing for men is nearly 1500 yuan, while that for women is 1399 yuan.

However, most people in the industry believe that compared with other outdoor and professional sunscreen brands, Bosiden's entry into the market is just a "small fight". After all, down jacket is the company's main product. Since a single product will encounter the embarrassment of the season, it is normal to do some "seasonal" products.

Previously, Zhu Gaofeng, the chief financial officer and vice president of Bosiden, mentioned at the company's financial report that Bosiden's diversified business is still dominated by the middle and high-end lines, and sun protection clothing can also be sold for 1000 yuan, instead of making products with high cost performance. However, he also said that sunscreen clothing is not the core business of Bosiden, but more to meet the needs of thousands of stores across the country to have non down jacket products to sell in the off-season, accounting for a small proportion of the overall plate. The product reserves are not very large, and they are still trying. At present, due to the high price, the aforementioned thousand yuan sunscreen clothing has not been recognized by the market. The reporter saw in the official flagship store of Tmall in Bosden that the monthly sales of these expensive sunscreen clothes are only in single digits. Most of Bosiden's sunscreen clothes in the store are priced at about 500 or 600 yuan, which is also the most popular style of Bosiden in Tmall flagship stores.

In addition to Bosiden, some traditional clothing brands have also launched sunscreen clothing products, such as Uniqlo, Taipingbird and some fast fashion brands. These products are relatively "people friendly" and most of them sell for 100-200 yuan. However, on the whole, these products are seasonal products launched by the company, and their sales share in the overall market is not high.

The new consumer brands that have emerged in recent years seem to go further on this sub category track. Among them, the most prominent one is Jiaoxia, which specializes in sunscreen. In April this year, Jiaoxia, as the leading brand of the sun protection track, submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Its revenue and net profit data have maintained rapid growth in the past three years. According to the prospectus data, from 2019 to 2021, Jiaoxia achieved revenues of 380 million yuan, 790 million yuan and 2.41 billion yuan respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 150.1%; The adjusted net profits were 19.68 million yuan, 39.41 million yuan and 140 million yuan respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 162.6%. In the prospectus, Jiaoxia said that there is still a considerable market space from a small number of sunscreen products to the real mass market.

In the subdivided vertical category, many third-party institutions believe that Jiaoxia ranks first in the market share, mainly because of its "specialty", but even so, the entire market is still fragmented. According to the Report on Market Panorama Survey and Investment Planning Suggestions of China's Sunscreen Clothing Industry from 2021-2026 released by Huajing Industry Research Institute, the overall concentration of China's sunscreen clothing industry is low, and the market share of the overall sales of top 5 brands in 2021 is only 14.6%.

Some people believe that the domestic sun protection clothing market will continue to grow rapidly in the future. One of the factors is that with the rise of outdoor sports such as pulp board, Lu Chong, camping and cycling, new players need to equip themselves with relevant equipment and accessories. According to the data of Insight Consulting, the market size of sunscreen clothing in China has increased from 45.9 billion yuan in 2016 to 61.1 billion yuan in 2021. According to the forecast of the agency, the market will exceed 95.8 billion yuan by 2026 at the current annual growth rate of 9.4%. At the same time, the average annual growth rate of online sunscreen clothing business is 13%, and it will reach 42.8 billion yuan in 2026.