The clothing industry cluster has set sail to the South!! The intended signing amount reaches 6 bill

2023-08-19 17:49

Recently, shantou textile and garment industry association, many industry companies with shantou delegation to participate in the trip to southeast Asia, has been to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore to promote industry, expand the "international friends". At the three station economic and trade exchanges, the association successfully signed a total of nine project, involved in export procurement, exhibition, electrical business logistics project cooperation, vigorously promote the shantou textile and garment industry cluster "nanyang" at sea, broadening the channels for enterprises to "go out" resources.

 The inspection team visited Indonesian clothing companies to seek production and sales cooperation

Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore are important countries in Southeast Asia, and their textile and clothing industries all have a solid foundation of cooperation with Shantou, with broad development prospects. The economic, trade and cultural cooperation and exchange meetings held in three countries have facilitated the Shantou Textile and Clothing Industry Association and multiple enterprises to sign a series of strategic cooperation agreements and export procurement intention agreements with foreign investors, helping Shantou to export high-quality textiles and enhance the international reputation of "Shantou goods".

It is worth mentioning that the industry promotion segment at the event site focuses on the scale and development environment of Shantou's textile and clothing industry, introducing the strength and broad development prospects of Shantou as the world's most complete industrial chain and cluster. It also attracts the attention of foreign investors seeking deep cooperation and exchange investment.

We have great confidence in the textile and clothing industry in Shantou, China! For a long time, there has been cooperation between Shantou's textile and clothing production chain and our supply chain in Southeast Asia. "Shen Weiyao, a director of Xin Zaixing Private Holdings Co., Ltd., told reporters that the company has stores and department store counters in Singapore and hopes to establish a reputation for Shantou manufacturing in the international market through these sales channels. In every event, we sincerely invite overseas Chinese merchants, traders, industry elites, and platforms, hoping to leverage each other's supply chain advantages, geographical advantages, experience advantages, and exhibition advantages, and work together to deeply cultivate advantageous products in the Southeast Asian market and develop new offline product layouts. On the online side, we plan to extend our industrial chain to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, bringing global consumer products into the Chinese e-commerce market Ma Qingxuan, Executive Vice President of Shantou Textile and Clothing Industry Association, told reporters that the association will take this signing as an opportunity to strengthen communication and exchange with various cooperative enterprises, promote cooperation between the two sides at a higher level, on a larger scale, and in a wider field, and explore the way for Shantou's textile industry to expand its international market layout. The inspection team also went to local associations, excellent enterprises, and local overseas enterprises for learning and exchange, exploring international division of labor and cooperation models that deeply integrate industrial chains, supply chains, and value chains, in order to better achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit, and win-win results.

Guo Zesheng, General Manager of Shantou Honglian Wei Weaving Co., Ltd., discovered that Southeast Asian and Chinese consumers have similar aesthetic preferences, and the knitted underwear and underwear produced by the company are also very suitable for the local market. Therefore, he immediately contacted new live streaming e-commerce platforms such as Tickok, striving to enter Southeast Asia with his own products. We have had contact with many MCN institutions and brand owners in Indonesia and learned that there is a high demand for textile products, especially underwear and home wear, in the Indonesian market. Next, we will conduct in-depth research on local enterprises and cloud warehouse express delivery in Indonesia to analyze and negotiate cooperation with the local market, "said Guo Zesheng.

Weaving a New International Version of Chaoshan Style

Textile and clothing are one of the two major characteristic industries in Shantou's "three new, two special, and one large" industries, and also an important support for our city's export-oriented economy. This time, Shantou has sent a delegation to Southeast Asia to promote the "going out" of advantageous and characteristic industries and showcase its charm on the international stage. This is a pragmatic move to firmly follow the path of "establishing a city through industry and strengthening it through industry", deepen exchanges and cooperation, and expand opening up to the outside world. It is also another vivid practice of doing a good job of "overseas Chinese" in the new era. On a trip to Southeast Asia, Shantou, the hometown of overseas Chinese, uses "overseas Chinese" as a bridge, the government "leads a group" to set up a platform, and enterprises "go out to sea" to perform. We believe that this will "weave" a new map of Chaoshan style and internationalization.

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